Bridgette Anderson

Singer | Songwriter | Stage Diver


     I had the pleasure of adding Bridgette to my one original song off theflow’s album, nocapsnospaces. Her unique approach to recording backup vocals is innovative and refreshing. In a matter of minutes she had laid out everything that we were asking of her. She then started to make some incredible suggestions for other three part harmonies, in places that those of us who had been working on the album for a year already couldn't have even conceived! Excitedly we laid down some of her ideas...they worked. Not only that, her added vocals took the track to a new level, giving it depth and dimension that was lacking before!

     From a producer's standpoint, Bridgette is the best kind of studio musician; her voice is extremely versatile, everything was done quickly and easily, plus she brought additional musicality to the table, adding more creative value to the work as a whole. You should consider Bridgette Anderson for your next project, whatever it is!

Julian "Fatsound" Clarke is a drummer, percussionist, and producer from Toronto, ON. Raised in a highly musical environment, he began studying music at age nine. He went on to study technique and musicality with drummers Jessie Baird, Dave Clark, Blake Howard, and Ethan Ardelli. A graduate of Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, Julian is a firm believer that a healthy arts based culture and music scene are pillars of a happy, productive society. He is a member of several bands, the visionary band leader behind theflow, and has recently been backing Toronto vocalists Ashley Bea, Juvon Taylor, and Savannah Ré.

     Over the years it would be an understatement to say that I rarely come across clients in the studio who actually have a legitimate chance of making a living in the music business, especially now with it being so fractured. In fact there are probably less than five that I’ve personally worked with that had or have real potential. Bridgette is most certainly one of those people.

     I met Bridgette Anderson when she wandered into my studio with local musician Brett Caswell; she was going to lay down all of the vocals for a pop song that she and Brett had co-written, and that Brett and I were co-producing. Inside the first minute of her first vocal take, I knew that we had stumbled upon something refreshing and unique. Her ability to work short-hand with efficiency was a breath of fresh air, like she’d been working in the studio for years.

     More recently Bridgette hired my services to record some acoustic songs with her writing and performing partner, Jessica Lajner. My opinions of her talent were solidified. Stylistically she had switched gears completely going with a folk/country sound. Her vocal talents were on full display and I took notes!

     I would most certainly recommend Bridgette for anything. She will absolutely make her mark in the Canadian music industry and beyond. Our community is lucky to call her our own!

Jeff Wardell has been producing, engineering, mixing, and mastering music in the studio for over 15 years with hundreds of local and regional recording artists under the name Bluebox Studios, now Your Productions. He has branched out into radio advertising and audio branding, creating radio jingles for clients such as Georgian Chevrolet and Marshall Automotive.

      I recently had the pleasure of working with Bridgette Anderson. She came into my studio, Kensington Sound, to sing lead and background vocals on a pop/R&B style tune. Unlike many other singers I have worked with in similar situations, Bridgette had actually taken the time to listen to the advance demo and as a result was very well prepared.

      What immediately impressed me was her clear tone and pitch accuracy; very precise. Almost as a pleasant bonus, I found her studio demeanor focused, open-minded and conscientious. We happened to be working with a very demanding producer with many different ideas and approaches. Bridgette was not only able to learn new parts quickly but displayed remarkable patience and discipline in doing so.

      In my opinion, as a session vocalist, Bridgette is the complete package: a unique, competent, and artistic professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Vezi Tayyeb is a composer, producer, and the proprietor of Kensington Sound in Toronto, ON.

     I've had the pleasure of writing and recording with Bridgette recently, and she is an incredible talent to say the least. She was punctual, professional, and very easy to work with. As a producer, I need singers to be able to deliver exactly what I'm hearing in my head but, at the same time, not be afraid to add their own creative touch and input. Bridgette delivered all of the above, and was able to go above and beyond her call of duty. I look forward to working with Bridgette again. She is definitely at the top of my list for vocalist to call, and for co-writers to work with.

Brett Caswell is a songwriter, performer, and producer hailing from Toronto, ON. He has shared the stage with members of Sloan, The Killjoys, Broken Social Scene, The Stills, Sarah Slean, and many more.

     Bridgette is one of the most skilled vocalists I've seen. She brings a unique passion and flair to every aspect of her musical pursuits. From the concert hall to the studio, she exudes excellence. Most recently I brought her in to Kuhl Muzik to record some choir parts for one of my singles 'Sunrise'. She did an incredible job and I'm excited to collaborate with her again in the future!

Juno nominated Mark Brathwaite is a singer, rapper, actor, and producer making moves in the Toronto music scene. After opening for Machine Gun Kelly on his Canadian tour, he began playing packed venues all over the city. His album Phoenix was released in the summer of 2014.