Bridgette Anderson

Singer | Songwriter | Stage Diver


     I am writing to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for participating in the Closing Ceremonies for the Special Olympics Ontario Summer Games. Your heartfelt rendition of our National Anthem was quite touching, and I was delighted to see the athletes, coaches, and audience join you in singing. Everyone was blown away by your talent. I am sure those watching on television were just as impressed.

     The 2013 Special Olympics Ontario Summer Games were the largest Provincial Games ever held, with over 1,000 athletes, coaches, and mission staff from across Ontario attending. I want to thank you both for your contribution in making the Games one of the most successful Games ever held!

Julie Mazzotta

Games Organizing Committee, Special Olympics Ontario

Great musicianship! I think it's happening for sure.

Jeremy Taggart

Our Lady Peace

She's right in the Butter Zone. No, she MADE the Butter Zone!

David Mooney


Bridgette Anderson and her band, B.A.B.E, filled City Hall with their own unique blend of R&B/Pop at their October 2016 #LivefromCityHall show. Energetic and intense from the moment they took the stage, the band drew a big and appreciative crowd — we heard nothing but good things afterward. Bridgette is a great singer and a real pro onstage!

Mike Tanner

Music Officer, City of Toronto

Bridgette is a rare artist! She has an amazing voice and connects so positively with people. She performed twice at Union Summer to a large, diverse, appreciative audience. I honestly believe Bridgette is so versatile and her repertoire so varied, she could play for any audience at any event. You must hire her!

Jennifer Stein

Live Event Director, BaAM Productions

Much love and respect! It was humbling meeting and seeing the new talent and where they're at in their individual careers and journeys. This brings me to believe I'll be seeing a lot more of you, on stages and online. It got real nice and personal last night, which made it mean that much more. Keep the fire burning ladies! Bless up.

Michie Mee

Canada's Hip-Hop Queen

B.A.B.E is a mixture of edgy, seductive energy that immediately connects with the audience. Add in a pinch of class, and a dash of attitude, and you’ve got one cool band. Definitely worth the listen!

Alan Merriam

President, Merriam School of Music

Bridgette Anderson and her band B.A.B.E are one of the best up and coming bands out of Toronto! They have a very cool, funky sound; one of the most professional bands I’ve had the pleasure of working with. You guys were great!

Lewin Hodges

Producer, Toronto Sessions

You have many colours and range in your voice, you're very much a song stylist; in your singing there's a point of view. You're a conscientious human being, you're very grounded, and you can't HELP but tell the truth in a song.

William S. Taylor


To this day, your band was the best sounding band I’ve had come into the venue. Your band truly knows how to play and function as a band, and sound great!

Michael Novalski

Promoter, woah! music

You're totally awesome! You're the kind of person that people give record deals to. You're great. You're going to be amazing. Move to LA!

Maïa Davies

Ladies of the Canyon

Talented, professional, and entertaining! It was a pleasure to listen and watch y'all create such beautiful music, I wish you all what you strive for in life.

Clint Watson

Founder & President, Off The Streets

     I would highly recommend using them for your entertainment needs, as they are an absolutely great bunch and are extremely receptive to requests and any special requirements you may need fulfilled.

     In addition to their flexibility, their entertainment value is out of this world. They are a fantastic band and have an amazing singer. We will definitely be using them again!

Sonia Ohja

Advertising & Support Manager, Mississauga Board of Trade