Bridgette Anderson

Singer | Songwriter | Stage Diver


     I met Bridgette in the summer of 2014, and I can definitely say I have learned many invaluable things since then about music, performance, the industry as a whole, and definitely professionalism. I have the pleasure of having Bridgette grace my original music with her vocals on backups. She is truly a refreshing talent; she is a phenomenal artist on her own, and an incredible session vocalist. She excels in both her original art and the creation of others’.

     Bridgette is a joy to work with as she is incredibly open minded, supportive, and extremely versatile when it comes to her vocal ability. Her studies in music are evident in her incredible pitch accuracy, and ability to quickly pick up harmonies in different tones. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and a wicked addition to my live show and original music!

Danielle Knoll is a singer-songwriter with a pop sensibility way beyond her years. Alive, her second EP, was released on 07/28/16 and is already gaining much deserved attention. She had a sold out show the night of the release, and the music video for the first single has been nominated for Best Music Video at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. The 6 track EP is an exceptionally hooky, 1990's Pop/Rock inspired, contemporary album. It was recorded at Exeter Sound Studios, with producer Thomas McKay. Her superior song writing and Pop vocal abilities are drawing her comparisons to a young Avril Lavigne with the soulfulness of Alessia Cara and Tori Kelly.

     Bridgette brings an incomparable amount of energy to her performances. She is easily one of the most dedicated and focused singers I know, and will keep everyone in the audience, and in the band, on their toes!

     I only hire and work with the best musicians I know who can support me musically and who will also shine on their own when featured, and Bridgette is without question more than capable of both these things.

Dead Penny is bringing in a new style of dance music to Toronto, ON. Built by JungleMan Sam with the help of MixMonk Nick and TrombonoLoco Ernesto, they play hit songs from every era; combining Carribean rhythms with Pop and Hip Hop sounds. One of the most unique acts in Canada, these boys mash up the dance floor every chance they get. The group often features special guest musicians, making each show a blow out banger. The penny is dead, but the music lives on.

     As Operations Manager and Bassist/Band Leader at The DNA Project, I have had the pleasure of both booking and playing alongside Bridgette. She is a true professional in appearance, talent, being prepared, and working the room with her performance. Bridgette takes charge of the stage and her very impressive repertoire list makes working with her and making changes on the fly quite easy.

     I am quite sure that each booking that we have had with Bridgette has led to additional bookings/referrals and with that, I take great pride in being able to work with her.

Anthony Lewis is the founder and bassist of Toronto based event band, The DNA Project.

     Bridgette Anderson: the enthusiasm of Mary J. Blige and the wide vocal range of...Bridgette Anderson! As a performer, I am always watching to see technical skills versus crowd interaction and energy on stage during a performance; Bridgette is constantly giving 100% and nurturing the crowd's energy while maintaining her unmatchable, soulful delivery of lyrics and phrasing as if it were half the fun! As a co-performer, she is right there to catch you if you slip and offers the finest communication on stage I've personally played with in three years of professional gigging in Toronto.

     As well as a real talent in writing and freestyle musical ability, Bridgette is a sure thing when it comes to the creative process. She never disappoints and is truly a music lover from the ground up, and it shows. Bridgette has to be one of my favourite co-performers in the entire city that I've had the pleasure of writing and performing with.

Imagine Eminem leading The Roots; Ellevan has an unmatched ability in freestyle and soulful songwriting that is brought to life by his five piece Funk/Jazz band. Hailing from the west coasts of Vancouver, BC and Los Angeles, CA, he relocated to Toronto, ON and released his album "Numbers Don’t Lie" on 08/01/14. High energy and passionate statements is the name of the game with Ellevan’s live performance, which he brought to a full house at Adelaide Hall to close the 2014 Canadian Urban Music Conference.

     Some singers sing — then there is Bridgette Anderson. This unique Canadian vocalist not only sings her own compositions; she provides three and/or four part harmonies in real time, creates a positive atmosphere in the studio, and uses a vast array of digital effects through her TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2, resulting in a balance of modern sounds and her organic, professionally trained voice.

     Bridgette’s energy and passion are both encouraging and supportive whether you are working with her in the studio or performing live. She brings a real sense of fun towards music and, combined with her superb voice, it is no wonder why she has the highest recommendation for any future work in the music industry.

Canadian guitarist Dylan Rockett has been composing, recording, performing, improvising, and teaching music for over 10 years. He currently maintains a leadership role in his 8-piece Neo-Soul collective theflow, teaches at Beyond the Beat Studio in Toronto, and studies and records music at Revolution Recording, Humber College, and York University. In addition to independently co-producing his group's debut ten track album, he has performed regularly in major venues across Toronto such as the Drake Hotel, Massey Hall, and the Sound Academy.

     When I first met Bridgette we were sharing the stage supporting another vocalist, and it took me all of 5 minutes to realize she was a talent I wanted to work with on a continued basis. Not only was her vocal ability on point, but her preparation and professionalism towards the gig were obvious and she had stage presences for days!

     Years later Bridgette and I have now rocked the stage together too many times to count, and my admiration for her as a performer and artist has only grown. I’d still jump at any opportunity to make music with her.

Alex Sampson is a band leader, educator, and bassist for international R&B songstress Jully Black.