Bridgette Anderson

Singer | Songwriter | Stage Diver


The B.A.B.E Duo was great!

Karmin, Celebrity Silhouette guest

The B.A.B.E Duo were exceptional musicians and a pure delight to listen to. We were very impressed with them and we certainly felt we were hearing something special.

Albert, Celebrity Silhouette guest

The BA.B.E Duo was fresh and delightful.

Vern, Celebrity Silhouette guest

We spent quite a bit of time in different bars and the live music from the B.A.B.E Duo was just fabulous for setting a quiet, but entertaining mood.

Donald, Celebrity Equinox guest

The live entertainment around the ship is very much appreciated but seems to have gotten progressively weaker over the past several years, except for the B.A.B.E Duo!

Clarence, Celebrity Equinox guest

The contemporary B.A.B.E Duo was very entertaining and friendly!

Jeannine, Celebrity Equinox guest

The B.A.B.E Duo was excellent small venue entertainment.

Cindy, Celebrity Equinox guest

The music of B.A.B.E was great! Loved that duo.

Benjamin, Celebrity Equinox guest

Great bands, especially the B.A.B.E Duo.

Lee Ann, Celebrity Equinox guest

We loved Bridgette, the looping guest artist.

Nanette, Celebrity Equinox guest

The female musician who played looped tracks in the Sunset Bar was amazing.

Anthony, Celebrity Equinox guest

We loved the B.A.B.E Duo, and saw them whenever possible.

Ira, Celebrity Equinox guest

Bridgette, a female blues singer in the Ensemble Lounge, was excellent.

Francisco, Celebrity Equinox guest

The B.A.B.E Duo was EXCELLENT! They offered something different and very entertaining!

Darryn, Celebrity Equinox guest

The variety of live music was an unexpected pleasure. I especially enjoyed the B.A.B.E Duo.

Mary Jo, Celebrity Equinox guest

One girl played the guitar like a goddess, and the other one was singing and using her voice in a very professional way. The schedule said they were performers from the production cast, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyhow, they were awesome! Later we found out that they call themselves the B.A.B.E Duo.

Petra, Celebrity Reflection guest

The B.A.B.E Duo's live music was a delight and made our holiday wonderful and memorable.

Richard, Celebrity Reflection guest

The B.A.B.E Duo was absolutely amazing. I only wish I'd found them earlier on the cruise!

Delaney, Celebrity Reflection guest

The B.A.B.E Duo was my favourite musical entertainment, I only wish I could have heard them play more!

Jessica, Celebrity Reflection guest

The B.A.B.E Duo was phenomenal and we wish we could have heard more of them elsewhere on the ship, as opposed to the house band.

Matthew, Celebrity Reflection guest

The B.A.B.E Duo was very friendly to us and our daughter, who is also a guitar player and interested in a music career. They were an exception to the rudeness of most staff, particularly the bartenders.

Michael, Celebrity Reflection guest

The entertainment was also the best yet, with a special shout out to the B.A.B.E Duo.

Diane, Celebrity Reflection guest

The girls of the B.A.B.E Duo were extremely kind, welcoming, and helpful.

Susan, Celebrity Reflection guest

Listening to the B.A.B.E Duo really made my trip great while sipping on some drinks.

Alejandra, Celebrity Reflection guest

Our favourite band was the B.A.B.E Duo. They should not be hidden back in the Ensemble Lounge, we would have loved to hear them more often. They are far superior to the house band and seemed to have a larger repertoire of songs. Her voice was outstanding!

Alison, Celebrity Reflection guest

We also liked the B.A.B.E Duo, they were quality entertainers.

Gregory, Celebrity Infinity guest

We loved the music of the B.A.B.E Duo. We enjoyed their unique sound and the current and classic tunes they performed. Good to have some musical entertainment that appeals to the younger crowd!

Cheryl, Celebrity Infinity guest

The special entertainment, B.A.B.E Duo, was wonderful!

Sharon, Celebrity Infinity guest

And the band called the B.A.B.E Duo was amazing. They had such a unique sound that when they covered a classic song, it was like hearing it for the very first time again. We really enjoyed listening to them and made it a point to be where they were playing, every day of the cruise!

Megan, Celebrity Constellation guest

The B.A.B.E Duo was amazing, the highlight of the entertainment on board. Would love to hear more live music like this while on board!

Jennifer, Celebrity Constellation guest